Stop Hunger – Moving Mamas intervju

Today, our Stop Hunger Women Awards series shines a light on Kirstine Holst, the inspirational founder of Moving Mamas. This remarkable organization provides a transformative training program that empowers women.

Moving Mamas highlights and supports the resources that every unique Mama brings into their new home country, and also works to improve real inclusion in both businesses and society. This holistic approach equips the Mamas to build a better future for themselves and their families and helps businesses deploy sustainable actions with social impact. Sustainable practices are at the heart of Moving Mamas’ philosophy. The program teaches women valuable skills like reducing food waste, preparing delicious vegetarian meals, and giving clothing a second life.

These diverse women come from a variety of backgrounds, but share the goal of achieving financial independence. Moving Mamas equips them with the tools and knowledge they need to launch their own businesses or secure employment. Thank you, Kirstine, for your unwavering dedication to supporting women in your community! We were honoured to have you share your inspiring story at the #stophungerevent2024 in Paris.


Together, we can empower more women! Learn more or donate to Moving Mamas here!

Stop Hunger event – Moving Mamas


Vi er takknemlig for våre ulike støttespillere – små og store. Men vår første og eneste internasjonale støttespiller er Stop Hunger!! Gjennom #StiftelsenWE mottar MovingMamas og MamasMat støtte til å jobbe med #WomenEmpowerment – det trengs også her i Norge.

Vår gründer Kirstine Holst ble invitert til Paris til det årlige #StopHunger eventet – en flott helaften med 630 gjester som alle støtter opp om Stop Hunger sitt arbeid. Les mer om dette i link i kommentarfeltet.

Tusen takk for at vi fikk dele scenen med #WomenSmilesUganda ved Gloria og Sulabh International Social Service Organisation ved Nirja!
Tusen takk for en langsiktig og forutsigbar støtte!

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