Meet the little “RE-factory at Hadeland”

Meet the little “RE-Factory at Hadeland,” which is in the process of establishing itself in the heart of the Fjord Village of Jevnaker. The RE-Factory is an exciting new collaboration consisting of Moving Mamas, Jevnaker Kommune, NAV Jevnaker, SpareBank 1-stiftelsen and Recouture. 

Together, we will share our passion, learn and inspire each other, and offer both repair, redesign, and small-scale productions based on reuse.

Mauro Ripi from the sewing machine manufacturer Amatec shares his enthusiasm: “Another sewing workshop being built with top equipment from Amatec, and another milestone in my time in the sewing industry. In the early days of my career, I saw many sewing workshops in the districts had to close their doors, but now we finally see a positive change. It warms the heart of someone who loves the norwegian countryside, and it’s absolutely fantastic!”

SpareBank 1-stiftelsen represented by Bjørn Haugen Morstad, is very proud to support the acquisition of sewing machines so Moving Mamas can develop at the pace of their customers.

Moving Mamas is a social entrepreneur, working to include and integrate immigrant women into norwegian society and the workforce. “We are a safe learning environment, a school set up like a workplace. The ambition is that together, we will achieve sustainability at all levels, for both people and the environment. In addition to the reuse and redesign of textiles, this collaboration will contribute to ensuring that immigrant women have a dignified professional opportunity, and that Moving Mamas can continue its work in reducing exclusion. We are humble and grateful for this opportunity and look forward to starting the work with Hilde Hoff Nordskar at Recouture

Recouture is passionate about creating unique garments based on existing resources, where craftsmanship traditions from the past meet future products.  “I am incredibly proud to have partnered with Moving Mamas. Together, we want to challenge linear solutions, and through innovation, automations, and collaboration, we will create a circular, sustainable, and competitive system for the future.”

A big thanks to Eirik Tetlie for contributing to getting us into our new premises.

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